Imperial Club paradise garden

The idea and, partially, the technique used in manufacturing the panels of the Chinese Palace served as the basis for the new glass beaded salon. Panel frames were made in stumpwork with the use of silver and golden threads, a combination of beads of different colours and silk threads of different thicknesses. The best embroidery artisans were employed to carry out this work.

The exposition of 12 panels illustrates the paradise theme: the cherry-trees are in blossom, nature is waking up. As though recreating the paintings of the old masters,the images seem to come alive in the glistening silks. The irises are in blossom, the sun is shining, birds are hiding in the cherry branches. The combination of the amber and pearl beads creates the effect of warmth and coolness at the same time.

The first three panels took over a year of production to make, incorporating more than 40,000 of the tiniest beads and 150 shades of silk. The total number of beads is over two million. Twelve artists performed the work, each creating his own individual decorative panel.