Mannerism style

Mannerism style triptych tapestry. Silk

Hercules Holding the Sky (left), 180 x 320 cm
Hercules' eleventh labour was to steal the apples of the Hesperides. To complete this labour, Hercules had to hold up the heavens while Atlas the Titan went to his daughters to get the apples. Helios in his quadriga is crossing the sky. It is the dawn of the day, andfar away we can see the walking Atlas.

Battle with Amazons (centre), 180 x 320 cm.
Eurystheus' daughter wanted the belt of the queen of the Amazons, the sign of power over all. Eurystheus sent Hercules to retrieve it, but Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus, disguised herself as an Amazon, wishing to ruin him, and Hercules had to fight the Amazons.

Atlas Deceived (right), 180 x 320 cm.
Atlas wanted to deceive Hercules and make him hold the sky forever, but the hero outsmarted the titan and went to Mycenae with the golden apples.